Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celtic Colours 2009

Celtic Colours Festival week means a week filled with visitors to the Centre and to the Archives. Thank you to all the donors who brought in their significant items to be preserved in the archives during this week.

The picture to the right is clipped from a large black and white 8 x 10 that was donated this past fall. There are some interesting notes about this picture. It was taken in Boston, -- or Detroit. Most of those asked stated: Boston. No one could identfy the dance hall, though. Please send us a note at, if you can.

We've been told by a local photographer that the photograph was printed from the reverse side of the negative. The fiddlers stances revealed this to him.

This photo shows a dance figure that I haven't seen done in a while. A couple dances in the centre of each circle of dancers. One person has been identified in the photograph but we'd like to know more. If you have clues to offer, please give us a call.

How much can we learn from a photograph of community events? Quite a bit because family and community history is captured by photographs. If you have photographs, letter, or material that you think should be preserved in an archives please bring them in for assessment.

Virginia, Archivist, CMIC

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  1. I love the Interpretive Centre in Judique, it is a must visit while in Cape Breton. The exhibits are delightfully informative.. History and Culture is preserved through sharing of experiences. You are correct, we can learn much of our communities past through photography. Best of luck finding more photos and artifacts