Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Workshops help to preserve material

Last February and March, Chris MacIsaac, recent graduate of the Centre for Arts and Technology in Halifax, NS, came to the Centre in Judique on Cape Breton Island to give lighting and camera workshops. 

Three technicians and the rest of the interview team were preparing to collect material from musicians for an oral history project.

Over 50 interviews with musicians were recorded and saved on digital format. This will be placed in the CMIC archives. 

The centre hopes to continue to work with video and audio to preserve the music of Cape Breton. Watch soon  for the DVD release of composer and musician, Donald Angus Beaton, His Life and Music, which will be released soon by the Centre.  Watch the on-line store at www.celticmusicsite.com where it will be listed when it becomes available. 

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