Sunday, February 22, 2009

Introduction to Your Local Archives

What's an archives?

Well we try to preserve original, unique material for as long as possible, hopefully for 500 years. If you are an institutional archives as we are in Judique, you have to follow certain rules 1) to be open to the public, 2) staff have training recognized by the Nova Scotia Council of Archives and 3) have written polices about preservation, collection and providing access to the material.

We are presently renewing our policies and hope to get our list of materials in the Reference Library and Special Collections on-line before long. Our theme is the Celtic Music of Cape Breton Island and we are working to preserve the douments and records pertaining to the music of our people.

If you have an old audio recording of your grandparents who sang songs, made poetry, or played the fiddle or piano; or if you have pictures of people enjoying the music at a wedding, birthday, confirmation or any community event, we'd like to help preserve the pictures and the story they tell.

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